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Why work at Brown's Harvest?

Listen, we understand working on a farm sounds tough, dirty, and sweaty... and don't get us wrong... it is. But it will also be the most rewarding, fun job you'll ever have. Brown's Harvest is run by a family; therefore, we treat our employees as family. People come to us because we provide them with fun, educational, and unique experiences. As an employee, you will be helping and interacting with people and their families to ensure those experiences are just as amazing as they sound.

Why is the job so great?

It's different every single day. We take pride in cross-training our employees so that you can move and work in the multiple positions that set you up for success. So if you want to stand around in one place for 8 hours a day, go ahead, but it won't be here. A friend of ours, Hugh, once said, "If you get bored working here... it's your fault". That being said... if you want to be a part of an energetic, ever-changing work environment? We'd be happy to have you.